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Illumos Distributions (6):

DilOS is a illumos based platform with Debian package manager (dpkg+apt).

Dyson (Debian GNU/kOpenSolaris) is a general-purpose operating system, a Debian derivative using illumos kernel, libc, and SMF init system.

OpenIndiana is a free and open-source, Unix operating system derived from OpenSolaris.

SmartOS is a "live OS", it is always booted via PXE, ISO, or USB Key and runs entirely from memory, allowing the local disks to be used entirely for hosting virtual machines without wasting disks for the root OS.

Tribblix is an operating system distribution derived from OpenSolaris, OpenIndiana, and Illumos, with a retro style and modern components. The base kernel and commands are from Illumos, with the parts of the base OS that aren't provided by Illumos currently repackaged from OpenIndiana (including X11); pretty much everything above that is (or soon will be) rebuilt from scratch.

XStreamOS, XStream Desktop, and XStream Server are Sonicle effort to mantain a distribution of the illumos kernel, featuring a customized text install, the ZFS fileystem, Crossbow network architecture, virtualization, zones, and a starting point to contribute and develop the illumos kernel.