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Notes (17):

notes016.txt (20180225) What is my public IP address?

notes015.txt (20170813) Upload your Garmin Forerunner 10 activities on Linux.

notes014.txt (20170501) What OpenBSD version are you running?

notes013.txt (20170421) Set 'nomodeset' kernel boot option in grub2.

notes012.txt (20170420) Erase, Format, & Burn Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS iso to USB Flash Drive on KDE Neon (based on Ubuntu LTS).

notes011.txt (20170227) Tanker Pratice Questions gathered from the interwebs.

notes010.txt (20170213) HazMat Pratice Questions gathered from the interwebs.

notes009.txt (20160313) Install Arch Linux (Alarm) on Raspberry Pi (ARMv6).

notes008.txt (20160221) My notes on setting up and using Git/GitHub on openSUSE Leap 42.1.

notes007.txt (20151229) Format USB Flash Drive and Burn backbox-4.4-i386.iso to USB Flash Drive on Debian 8.

notes006.txt (20121110) monsterb's Famous Quad Bean Salad.

notes005.txt (20131208) Manually install the proprietary Nvidia GeForce video drivers on openSUSE 13.1.

notes004.txt (20130216) Installing and using APCUPSD on OpenBSD 5.2

notes003.txt (20130223) Install, Configure, Set as Default, and Restart BASH session on OpenBSD.

notes002.txt (20130217) Get your external IP address from the command line.

notes001.txt (20131204) One Giant Leap for Frogkind - Compiling a new kernel on OpenSUSE 13.1 and ending up with an RPM for easy installing.

notes000.txt (20120404) Using powerd to control the CPU speed automatically on FreeBSD.